A review on Jason hair care products!

A review on Jason hair care products!

Hey Guys!

Sorry it’s been so long since I last did a blog post! My exams got the better of me and my social life went into hibernation for a few weeks! But I’m back in Kilkenny for most of the summer and I’m launching my own blog next month!!

Anyway as you might have seen on my Instagram (@eva.phelan) a few weeks ago, I have been testing the Jason Shampoo and Conditioner available at Supervalu Market Cross Kilkenny. Jason is a brand that gently cleanses and fortifies weakened and hard-to-grow hair for maximum length without breakage. Sounds great, right? All Jason products are free from parabens, petroleum, SLS, artificial colours and phthalates! Jason also have a skincare range and all of the products are not tested on animals!


So I have been using the shampoo on and off for a few weeks now and I have definitely seen an improvement in the quality of my hair. It took about a week of washing my hair with the shampoo and conditioner before I noticed any difference, but after that, my hair felt cleaner and more natural. Because Jason Shampoo does not contain artificial colours, parabens or petroleum, I found it did not give the same lift and volume to my hair as other shampoos do, so I like to use the shampoo as a treatment in between using other products.

I really try to mind my hair as I experienced having very thin hair last year, due to stress and a few other things! So since then and having the fear that my hair would stay thin, I have made a conscious effort to really protect and care for my hair. Since using the shampoo, my hair has thickened and it’s full of baby hairs! I also sometimes change shampoo brands after every bottle as my hair gets used to it and I feel it doesn’t have the same effect. The only exception is the L’oreal Elvive Extraordinary Clay shampoo- my absolute favourite, also available at Supervalu Market Cross.

My overall opinion of Jason shampoo is good. If you are trying to restore your hair and strengthen it, Jason is a great brand to use. But it definitely has to be said that because your hair is being washed with natural less toxic ingredients, and not the other ingredients which can be found in normal shampoo, you may find varying results such as I did, my hair lacked the same volume or lift as with other shampoos. I found that the best solution for me is to use the Jason Shampoo as a treatment for my hair once/twice a week only.

This worked really well for me and I still use the Jason shampoo along with my reliable L’oreal Elvive!

The complete Jason range of products is available at Supervalu Market Cross Kilkenny and I also want to say a special thanks to Jason Bourke, one of the managers in Supervalu Market Cross!

Hope you have a fab weekend!

Eva xx