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Bike Week 2016
Ciclovia Kilkenny time again. For the past two years, Ciclovia has transformed Kilkenny city centre into a great big playground. Imagine stepping onto the street and being greeted not by cars and traffic, but the sounds of people living on and using the street. This idyllic scenario actually happens in cities around the world every week.
Excitement is building as Kilkenny readies itself for a third series of Ciclovia on Sunday June 12th and 19th from 2 – 4pm each day. These Ciclovia are part of a series of Bikeweek events organised and hosted by Kilkenny Recreation & Sports Partnership (KRSP) and Smarter Travel Kilkenny.
Similar events (also known as “bike path,” Ciclovia, or an open streets initiative) take place in cities all over the world where cities close off a major street and restrict it to just pedestrians, cyclists, and skaters on Sunday afternoons. There are lots of reasons why cities would want to create such open space as it encourages walking and cycling in a family friendly environment and it generates recreational areas, thus making cities nicer places to live, work, and travel. For the last two years, thousands of people came to High Street over the two days for Ciclovia.
Nicola Keeshan from KRSP said “this is a great opportunity for the people of Kilkenny to come out onto High Street. There will be lots of fun activities along the route.” Bling Your Bike allows primary school children to decorate their bikes adding some sparkle and festival colour. Ciclovia is a family friendly event that is good for younger children as they will have the opportunity to participate in the Balance Bike Challenge (2 – 7 year olds), have their face painted or to expend some energy on a Bouncy Castle.
Crucial Mountain Biking will be back with a daring display over jumps and ramps. Martial Arts Displays and Taster Sessions, along with Samba Soccer and Street Basketball demonstrations form part of the programme of FREE entertainment. A leisurely 7.5k cycle will depart high street at 2pm and explore the city before making its way back to the festivities. This is a family friendly cycle open to children who are accompanied by adults. Why not bring your bike and helmet and join in?
All this will be done to the backdrop of music and dancing, provided by local musicians and dance troupes. This is another wonderful opportunity for Kilkenny people and visitors alike to stroll along High Street in what promises to be a very enjoyable event.
Ciclovia straddles a weeklong programme of events for Bikeweek 2016 including an Inclusive Cycle, Castle to Castle 40k Cycle, lunchtime cycle, bike maintenance workshops in addition to cycling programmes for primary schools and communities. For full details, check out www.krsp.ie or www.facebook.com/kilkennysports.