An Taisce Report – IBAL Anti-Litter League, Round 2, 2021

Kilkenny:  9th out of 40 towns / cities surveyed.  Cleaner than European Norms.


A recent winner and consistently high performing town, Kilkenny continues to score very well with eight out of the ten sites surveyed getting the top litter grade.  Great care has been taken with the presentation and maintenance of the Main Street.  Friar’s Bridge has been lovingly preserved and maintained.  Both approach roads and the Train Station create a positive first impression for anyone arriving by car / train.  One site does require attention – a Derelict Site beside Rothe House – while the building has fallen into a state of disrepair it was the accumulation of bags of discarded rubbish beside the bins which brought down the litter grade.




Middleknock Approach Road:  Grade A.  A fresh and clean impression was created along this route, with road surface, markings and signage in good order.   This high standard was maintained for all bar two sites surveyed.

Kilkenny Train Station – Exterior:  Grade A.  Though not quite as spotless as previous IBAL surveys, this was still deserving of the top litter grade. The overall impression was a positive one with all aspects of the area surveyed in good condition e.g., car parking area, paving, railings, signage etc.

Kilkenny Train Station – Interior:  Grade A.  An exceptionally freshly presented interior train environment.  The waiting area was in good condition with substantial bin unit beside the white seating and the plants were a lovely feature.

Riverbank:  Grade B.  Usually a top-ranking site, there was a slight drop in the grade due to the food related litter (particularly fast-food items) and face masks.  This took away from what is otherwise a lovely riverside environment.

Derelict building beside Rothe House:  Grade C. While the building presented poorly, it was the cardboard and bags of discarded items (at least half a dozen) beside and on top of the green and blue bin which really brought down the litter grade.  Cigarette butts had also accumulated in the stairwell.  A site like this will only deteriorate further if not addressed and monitored closely.

‘Bring Bank’ at St. Canice’s Church:  Grade A.  A freshly presented and maintained bring bank with no litter issues of note.  The recycle units were in very good order, clean and with legible signage.

Friar’s Bridge:  Grade A.  A beautiful site, with paving, old buildings, ancient walls, ironwork and gardened triangle with benches – an air of calm prevailed throughout.  It was excellent with regard to litter.

Market Cross Shopping Centre:  Grade A.  Market Cross Shopping Centre was very much deserving of the top litter grade.  The large planter boxes looked well, with the paving and shop-fronts  in good condition.  It was spotless throughout.

Main Street:  Grade A.  The Main Street has been a Grade A site on many previous IBAL visits – things were no different this time around.  Great care has been taken with the presentation and maintenance of same.

R910 to N10 Grade A.  There were no visible litter issues along this generously spaced road.  Houses are set back from the road, creating a sense of space and openness.