Be Yourself! Style is how you wear it!

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Be Yourself! Style is how you wear it!

If your like me, you will also love the changing seasons for fashion alone!! All the beautiful autumn colour’s, cosy tights and jumpers and lets not forget the boots we are all dying to wear!!

The one fashion staple in the wardrobe is print,  I have a particular grá for animal print, so much so that very time my partners mother saw anything animal print she had to purchase it for me !! ( I know lucky me right!) However, there is a fine line as I don’t want to end up looking like from Bet from Coronation Street lol!

This year I notice there is a big focus on mixing print and fabrics and don’t get me started on the amount of tartan out there, let alone the big 70’s vibe! Whilst all these looks are fab, I could not pull off some of them! But I am OK with that 🙂

Three fabrics I love are cashmere, satin & leather! Opulence darling’s, I just love it! Perfect combo for the change of the seasons I think! But that’s just my style, my grandmother always said ”wear what suits you not what suits other people” so my advise to you all is to develop your own  sense of  style and for heavens sake, visit the store and try it on! Shopping is supposed to be ”you’‘ time, leisure, fun time out with some friends or alone, whatever,  step away from the internet and be present and mindful about spending your hard earned cash, I promise it will make you happier about the style that you can pull together with the friendly help of the store assistants here in Market Cross SC and you never know what else would look good on you.

So get up & get out folks, because those clothes are not going to try on themselves!! Below are some of my favorite picks!

Much love,

Till next Time,

Found this stone tie leopard print blouse in Wallis and I love it! So versatile and feminine! Love!

Been eyeing up this Jumper for a week now! Will go perfectly with jeans for a chill weekend vibe! From Monsoon.

Ok, So I am in love!! This coat is a high neck Faux Fur coat and in black, it is so versatile, can be worn with jeans or dress up on a night out!

Love this fashion video from Primark/Penneys – Theme is Highland and if you visit our store, you will see for yourself!

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