Market Cross Charity Booking

Charities wishing to apply for permission to collect on the premises of Market Cross Shopping Centre must fill in the following details below. Management will endeavour to reply to your request,but please note that due to excessive demand/requests we may not be able to reply to all applications in time.

Terms & Conditions

Charity In Date PL insurance must be submitted in advance of collection date allocated by post or email. No shaking of buckets or shouting out to customers to donate is permitted as we have retail businesses trying to work. You must stay at designated Collection point. No wandering around the centre or common areas. You must provide your own equipment (Buckets, Tables, Chairs). Permission to erect banners & posters must be approved by Centre Management prior to collection commencing. Collection Hours are strictly between 9.30am-6.30pm only. No tickets sales are permissible.

Booking Form