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Hello & welcome to my blog on working women, and achieving style & confidence.
My name is Lesley Cleere & I am part of the Market Cross Centre Management team. I have been in management for 20 years and i would like to share my Wednesday Wisdom on how to look good, feel confident in the work place. It is important to have confidence going to work and to achieve this feeling of success can start with your appearance. Firstly it will make you feel good, secondly, it gives an air of confidence (Even if you did not quite feeling it when you woke up, you soon will #PowerDressing)
It does vary on what kind of business you are in and what impression you need to make or what goals/targets you need to achieve, my below tips will suite all aspects of a working career.
Confidence is the key and confidence comes from within, look good , feel confident. In a past life I worked and managed in the beauty industry having worked in Brown Thomas, Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Selfriges, grooming was key. In Harrods, if you forgot or did not wear a suit jacket, you were sent home without pay or made to work in the stock room where no member of the public could see you. In Harvey Nichols, you could not have your roots showing and if we had a big target to reach in the department, we all had to wear Red Lipstick as it was the most confident color to wear to achieve success. (This really did work!!)

My Formulae
Commitment + Positive Perception +Hard Work+Homework+Meetings+Sales + Integrity =Success. Success can be measured in so many different ways, so it is up to you to measure what your idea of success is #goals. For me personally, success is being able to enjoy my work, wake up every day and be happy and know that somehow I can make a difference and enjoy a healthy work/life balance. You cannot enjoy either without both. Success is not validation from others, it is validation from yourself knowing you have given 100% and being confident with that.#MentalHealth

Lesley’s top 10 tips for a successful work day.

#Positive Visualization
#Be Prepared, write a to do list first thing and prioritize.
#Eye Contact
#Stand Tall
#Firm Handshake
#Professional Manner
#Attentive Listening
#Take Notes
#Ask Questions, never pretend to understand.

My Top 10 Work Wear Staples all from Market Cross Shopping Centre Stores

All views are my own.

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